Welcome to: Rainier Beach Arts and Craft Market – Liz K’s Paint Studio Dec 5-20, 2020

send a message to me for sales information. Thank you!

SOLD. leaves of gold, acrylic & oil on paper, 36×24, unframed
Yield. acrylic on paper 16×20, framed.
Yield. acrylic on paper, 16×20
SOLD. Buoyant. acrylic on paper, 16×20. framed.
Loops. Ink & acrylic on paper, 16×12″.
Dandelion salad. oil on stretched canvas, 24×24.
Asleep. oil on stretched canvas. 36×24″
Awake. oil on stretched canvas, 36×24″.
SOLD. Salvia. Oil on wood panel, 12×12.
Pink. Acrylic on paper, 36×24″.
Stars. Acrylic on paper, 36×24″.
SOLD. Kubota Garden. oil on panel. 18 x 14″
Sitting man. acrylic & oil on stretched canvas, 36×24″.
The family. Oil, charcoal on stretched canvas, 40×30″.
SOLD. Map. oil, conte pencil & charcoal on paper, 36×24″, unframed.
Blackberry #1: ink, charcoal, acrylic on paper, 16×12.
SOLD. Dandelions, oil on stretched canvas, 18×18″.
Seated woman, charcoal & acrylic on paper, 36×24.
SOLD. Fairy Tale, oil on paper, 36×24″.
Bonsai. acrylic on paper, 36×24″‘.
Shape shifts.Oil & charcoal on paper, 36×24″.
Kelp. Ink & acrylic on paper, 16×12″.
SOLD. quadrants. Ink & acrylic on paper, 16×12″.
SFF. acrylic, oil on paper, 36×24″, mounted.
Pinkwater. Watercolor on paper, 16×12″, mounted.
Marks. oil & charcoal on wood panel, 12×12″.
Anemone. Thanks Kathy. Acrylic, oil, charcoal on paper, 36×24.
blue shape. watercolor, charcoal on paper 16×12″, mounted.
SOLD. Blue vase. oil on canvas panel, 12×9″.
Yellow #2 in its new frame!
SOLD. Yellow #2. Oil on paper, 24×18.
Forza. acrylic on paper, 36×24, framed!
Forza. Acrylic on paper, 36×24
Blue. Charcoal, oil on paper, 36×24″
Superba. oil on panel, 12×9″.
SOLD. Celadon. oil and charcoal on wood panel, 12×12, framed
Magenta. Oil on paper, 22×17.5″.
Red. oil on paper, 22×17.5″.
Guy. acrylic, oil & charcoal on paper, 22.5×17.5″, mounted.
Gold Shauna. charcoal, acrylic on cardboard, 38.5×26″
And all the ships at sea. Oil&acrylic on paper, 36×24″, unframed.
SOLD. water lilies.Oil on canvas board, 18×14″.
Lavender blue. oil on paper 24×18 unframed.
the couple. oil on canvas panel 12×9″.
autumn flowers. oil on canvas panel 12×9″.
dark shape. Oil on paper, 24×36″
standing man. oil on stretched linen, 36×18″