So delighted and humbled by generous friends who have donated their time to be a model for me, as I learn to paint. Four! Four! friends have come in. I finally got smart and asked my fourth friend for permission to include his work-in-progress in this blog and he generously agreed.

I’m trying for a balance of likeness and a modern approach to detailing the planes of each face with color. Trying/learning are important words here!

Progress on Model # 4 – I cannot get the photos in the order I want! Top is most recent, middle is first pass, bottom was second. Make sense?



first pass


I had a great class where the assignment was basically to draw something, then keep adding changes to the drawing that derailed it, wrecked it, changed it completely. It broke all these old ideas:  that things have to be planned, that things have to be perfect, that if it’s not working then throw it out. The challenge was to stay curious about the changes and be brave! Erasers work great.

december 2017