show time

The studio I paint with, and take lessons from, had a group show with twelve artists – including me, which feels a little weird to say!D8B3B187-E2D9-40AE-A512-65FBB3D219926F8895FF-997E-447E-A55C-F2252CFCED4E

last figure for now

So here’s my last of five figures, all painted from photos from the Croquis Cafe art model resource online. I ended up feeling like the photos had less detail than I had in doing (face) portraits. Next I need to find some live models and try it out!



My teacher showed me how to mix up mediums (oil paint additions) to make the paint less viscous. I had an idea that I wanted the paint to move as quickly as charcoal can.


next project

I’m done (just for now) with portraits – so very grateful to my models. I learned so much. Next project will be to translate my charcoal figure drawings into paint. Always nice to have a direction.



So delighted and humbled by generous friends who have donated their time to be a model for me, as I learn to paint. Four! Four! friends have come in. I finally got smart and asked my fourth friend for permission to include his work-in-progress in this blog and he generously agreed.

I’m trying for a balance of likeness and a modern approach to detailing the planes of each face with color. Trying/learning are important words here!

Progress on Model # 4 – I cannot get the photos in the order I want! Top is most recent, middle is first pass, bottom was second. Make sense?


first pass

making things up

This is personal. “Bring yourself in,” said my drawing teacher in Portland. To bring myself in takes practice, trust, humility, diminished ego, diminished fears, quieted judgement and self- criticism. That same teacher urged us to separate creating from judging. The judging mind cannot create, he’d say.

I’ve been working with delightful and generous friends, painting their portraits. I’ve begun to learn about working with live people, including realizing I don’t have their permission to post their portraits without their say-so. So I’ll get back to that!

Meanwhile, a day spent on opening up to finding myself in pencil and paint.


fruit work

Working on making objects appear  to have form – not flat. What are you working on?

I have Four! models lined up! Thank you ❤️. Two have come in and lived through it just fine!

models needed June or July

I need practice! Will you model for me? Looking for patient and relaxed friends to come one morning (Monday or Wednesday) to Georgetown, 9:30-noonish. Lots of breaks, snacks, compensation negotiable. June or July. Sunday afternoon may be an option if you prefer. No promises on the outcomes! Thank you for considering this! Bob did it: