June 2021

Loss and uncertainty are always with us. “With every breath we change,” says my yoga teacher. My latest painting is from a photo of a party that happened in the mid-1960’s, an event that may not be remembered by anyone alive now. Also – check it out – I added a Sale page. Thanks for looking, friends.

detail, The party at Betty’s, oil, 48×30″

After . . .

The Rainier Beach Arts and Crafts sale is over. I’m feeling gratitude for all those who purchased art, looked at art, commented on art! I really appreciate it. I have new things to look at in Paintings and in Drawings. Thank you for your time and interest.

working through

Starting with an out-of-focus black-and-white photo from the late 1940’s (husband’s family). Four versions. Each very informative to me. The perhaps“silliest” version (#3) contained the most emotional content, which I tried to put into version 4. What do you think?

version 1


version 2


version 3


version 4


snow week

With some jobs, you get a snow day. I took a snow week. (Hey, there’s still snow in my yard – that counts.) Didn’t get to the studio to paint, but sketched on light rail and painted one chicken this week.


play day

At the studio an art session was offered for the kids in the neighborhood. One child showed up. She was welcomed and then given a ten foot roll of paper on the floor, markers, crayons, pencils. She was happy for an hour.

I decided to give myself a play day. Warmed up with graphite mark-making session, then my fav – a charcoal portrait, then got the acrylic paints out for experiments. A tight poet laureate, Donald Hall, and a loose idea of a horse’s back.