March 2023

It’s somewhere between the lion and the lamb – a rainy day where I live. I’ve been working on smaller images – you’ll find them under paintings! Some are “postcards” from my time in Mexico, some are inspired by the shapes of American fashion in the 1950’s/60’s.

Thank you for looking,



Maybe you’ve heard of Inktober? It’s a daily challenge to draw with ink every day in October. Now we have Figuary, a friendly challenge to draw from a human model each day. One organization (Love Life Drawing) has daily drawing instruction and one has video of models in timed poses (Croquis Cafe).

Here is my 5 min sketch for today:


And here is my No. 1 art assistant:


figures with backgrounds

In the past, I’ve done portraits and figures and tried to invent the background. Not always successfully, not always effectively. And not really understanding what the problem is/was.

Now I’m working on figures WITH backgrounds (from photos) that make some good compositional sense.