At my painting class, I’m experimenting with oil paint additives like stand oil and wax! I’m able to try things out, then scrape down the whole experiment and start over – like an etch-a-sketch! Two experiments from today, before they disappeared!



ok! I think this is it – but I’m going to check in daylight for the colors. I was way off, then mixed the color with a real person – put the paint on their skin (so nice to have a willing partner). So it looks “wrong” to me this evening, but also much better than the chalky colors I was mixing before. Whew!

It’s hard to get the camera to capture the color, too! So this is a whole second effort (see earlier posts) and I’m glad I did it.



I had a great class where the assignment was basically to draw something, then keep adding changes to the drawing that derailed it, wrecked it, changed it completely. It broke all these old ideas:  that things have to be planned, that things have to be perfect, that if it’s not working then throw it out. The challenge was to stay curious about the changes and be brave! Erasers work great.

december 2017