June 2021

Loss and uncertainty are always with us. “With every breath we change,” says my yoga teacher. My latest painting is from a photo of a party that happened in the mid-1960’s, an event that may not be remembered by anyone alive now. Also – check it out – I added a Sale page. Thanks for looking, friends.

detail, The party at Betty’s, oil, 48×30″

March 2021

Poet Margaret Randall, was a student of Elaine de Kooning’s at the University of New Mexico. She recalls Ms. de Kooning encouraging her students: “Think big, paint big, be wedded to nothing, neither landscape, nor abstraction, paint nor stone.” And “abandon long practiced becomes skill.”

I have some new things to look at under “drawings” and “painting.” Abandon was practiced. Thanks for looking. Get vaccinated if you can.