October 2022 Click to enlarge! All of these are 10×8″


July/August 2021

From April 2021

From March:

Still enjoying two online drawings classes through Zoom. In one class we’re copying from drawing masters from the past. From left to right: Goya, Goya, Kollwitz.

copying Picasso:

Added another drawing class from Seattle Artists League (instructor Fran O’Neill)

Jan 30 – Feb 6

Back in drawing class over zoom. The idea of this exercise was to be willing to let go of things and make big changes. “The idea is to be bold enough to go from gray to full black, back to light or gray as many times as you like, so that there is no hesitation going dark or light multiple times anywhere on the surface. The payoff is freedom to try anything, anywhere, any time, freedom to take as many risks with the drawing as cross your mind. The price is that you lose many favorite moments, moments that can never be regained, at least not in their original form. All artists eventually embrace this price because it allows one to learn much more quickly and the freedom gained makes the process a thousand times more fun.” — Phil Sylvester

New in November and December:

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