I have one drawing from when I was five, and several more from the time after I began school, like the one this site is named for. I must have been making an alphabet book, and the “j” page was for “jelly.” I drew a lot, and self-identified as an artist up until I was about 12.

When I drew after age 12, my drawings seemed “stuck.” I didn’t know how to make them “age” as I aged. They always looked childish to me.  I continued to draw only sometimes, like when I needed to illustrate something for my preschool classes. My schools didn’t have art classes, and when I was younger, I didn’t ask my parents to find me a class or teacher outside of school. I believed you either had it, or you didn’t.

So when I retired, I promised myself that I would get myself classes, lessons, a teacher — anything I needed to see if I still wanted to do art. And if I found out that I didn’t want to do art anymore — fine! Meanwhile, it turns out that I’m still working on the answer to that, and having a good time exploring.

This is a place to collect all that I’m making.


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