October 2022: Welcome Rain!

Hello darling,

I had a friend who greeted me that way sometimes. Made me feel happy and tickled and loved. All with two words. She died recently – I miss her.

I’ve added some work under the “PAINTINGS” tab – so take a look and let me know what you think. I appreciate your time and thoughts.


peaches and plums, mixed media 8×10″

One thought on “October 2022: Welcome Rain!

  1. OK Darling here goes,

    First sorry about your friend. She was lucky to have you.

    Looking only at the new paintings, here are my thoughts . . A bit untamed for my taste (except for the twiggy thing’ which feels a bit ‘had to be there’ if you get what I mean.) Hate to say it but the medium and the colors put me off…too bright, too ‘wet’ and too unrestrained I guess. How’s that for negative! What I LIKE (love!) is that you’re having fun and DOING IT! That’s what’s great. xo k


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