March 2021

Poet Margaret Randall, was a student of Elaine de Kooning’s at the University of New Mexico. She recalls Ms. de Kooning encouraging her students: “Think big, paint big, be wedded to nothing, neither landscape, nor abstraction, paint nor stone.” And “abandon long practiced becomes skill.”

I have some new things to look at under “drawings” and “painting.” Abandon was practiced. Thanks for looking. Get vaccinated if you can.

5 thoughts on “March 2021

  1. I feel a burst of joy and wonder when I look at your work and think of you, Liz. The line, color, balance, contrast in both drawings and paintings. yes!!! Michelle Thoreson Licensed Acupuncturist Qigong Instructor

    On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 9:15 PM Not knowing how to do it is part of knowing how to do it. – Le

  2. So much great work! My faves in this batch are one of the flower paintings (img_4311-1.jpg) and one that looks like trees or shrubs with colorful explosions (img_3622-2).

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