working through

Starting with an out-of-focus black-and-white photo from the late 1940’s (husband’s family). Four versions. Each very informative to me. The perhaps“silliest” version (#3) contained the most emotional content, which I tried to put into version 4. What do you think?

version 1


version 2


version 3


version 4


6 thoughts on “working through

  1. I see how the process informed #4! You continue to understand well the human body. I enjoy viewing the stance of each man.

    This is a gift to view your work.


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  2. Interesting description of process … I wonder if the viewer’s evaluation of a work’s “emotional content” would correlate to the artist’s? Expression vs. communication. Or is it expression vs. interpretation? I don’t have an answer; just thinking about the question …

      1. Sure, all involved. It’s a never-ending ever-changing question … I find that when making stuff, the ability to put yourself in the mind/eye/ear of someone who has never seen (or heard, since that’s what I do) the piece before, and to do that over and over, is an invaluable mental judo trick. But not everybody works that way, and of course it’s always possible not to care very much what the viewer’s experience is going to be. If one is a more intuitive (or more confident?) artist, maybe one can just do the work to please oneself and not care what “works” for the viewer/listener … and just assume that it’s “right”. ??? (Just ruminating. I think about this stuff ad nauseam).

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