last in course

Yayoi Kusama: I think of her as super-creative because she works in so many different worlds: paint, performance, film, sculpture.

She is known for an indefatigable work ethic, filling enormous canvasses with repetitive polka dots (her signature symbol). I didn’t see her show when she came to town. Did you?

My small effort with polka dots:



4 thoughts on “last in course

    1. I think it only looks that way because it was still wet! Oil paint thinned with mineral spirits. Thank you for looking. Happy travels! Liz



  1. 2 memories: I’m reminded of one of Dad’s favorite jokes (from some old comedian): “polka dotes! My favorite kind of dots!” When J and I were in Spain we visited Sevilla where everyone is mad for flamenco and bullfighting. Every woman wore polka dots. I sat in a park and just watched. Amazing! Seriously EVERYONE! xo k >

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