course work 4

Mark Rothko was this week’s assignment. Born in 1905 in what is now Latvia, he moved to the US and lived in SW Portland, OR until he went to college.

In 2012, one of his works was vandalized at the Tate in the UK. The story of restoring the canvas is amazing. The link takes you to a short documentary about the science and skill of the people who restored the work.

Here is one tiny corner of a Rothko painting with the beautiful overlapping layers of color:


And here is my homework. I found choosing a color scheme and creating the layers very challenging!


4 thoughts on “course work 4

  1. And how did it make you feel? The ‘white’ band is an immediate impression/focus of some kind…

    1. Are you asking if the work inspired a feeling in me, like Mark Rothko’s desire to have his paintings express ecstasy or tragedy? Or how did it feel to paint?

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