damn Cézanne.

Apparently, Cézanne thought it was a good idea to build paintings on color, and rely far less on lights and darks.  Cézanne built forms of contrasting colors rather than relying on shading. These onions below, depend on lights and darks to give their form.


Cézanne did it with color.


Now it’s my challenge to do it. It’s hard! Do any of these look three-dimensional?



2 thoughts on “damn Cézanne.

  1. who did the onions? Look great and definitely 3d. C’s apples have plenty of light and shade cues to make them look 3d. not to mention that the apples are the ‘right’ color. The deflated ‘beach balls’ would need background shading to read as 3d wouldn’t they? k >

    1. I see all that shading that are on the apples. And in other paintings, too. But this is my assignment – trying to use equal value colors to create form. The onions are mine – a lesson from the online lessons with the Will Kemp Art School. oxoxox

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