happy accidents

I was trying out a “pour” – pouring paint on to the surface and then manipulating it (by tilting or other ways). I had so much paint on this little 6×6 canvas that I decided to press another canvas on top, then lift. A happy accident!


blending in

Online courses are an amazing resource. I’ve watched little snippets to answer a question I had, or dipped into a series called “The Mind of Watercolor” (free on youtube), purchased courses from Will Kemp Art School (he’s adorable), and currently am doing a purchased course on brushstrokes. From Udemy. The teacher has a free youtube video series (3 parts) on brush strokes through history. Very complete, it seemed. Jill Poyerd is the instructor.

Tonight I watched the course videos on gradients (gradual transitions from light to dark) then played around with these guys, using white and yellow oxide oil paint.


a New mistake

I made a mistake I hadn’t made before! And hopefully won’t do it again – unless I want to do it intentionally.

The assignment today in class: paint like Frank Auerbach (b.1931). In reading about him, I saw that Frank Auerbach “inherited” his paint studio from Leon Kossoff. Cool.

Frank Auerbach:


and my effort, below. The mistake? I was working from a photo and the photo was flat on my work table – so the head ended up wider/distorted!



At my painting class, I’m experimenting with oil paint additives like stand oil and wax! I’m able to try things out, then scrape down the whole experiment and start over – like an etch-a-sketch! Two experiments from today, before they disappeared!