breakin’ loose

All the color mixing skills were coming along. Then the teacher pulled a switcheroo. It’s not so much about the color of the apple (red) but the light on the apple. Warm light? cool light? Monet painted the light on one haystack over and over: noon, sunrise, cloudy, whatever. It was not about the hay being yellow. Just about beginning to understand that!

this one is about being true to the color of the objects.



this one is about TRYING to paint the light on the objects.


and the following week – “local” color, warm/cool, color of light, value (light/dark), “turning” to show shape. Whew. Where are the crayons?!?


So . . . next session – even more changes (subtle?) – and perhaps done with this?


2 thoughts on “breakin’ loose

  1. Oh goodness, I know there are light bulbs of cool or warm tones. I hadn’t thought it through that the light casted on an object will be either cool or warm.
    Sounds like a sermon!

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