John Ruskin

”When once we see keenly enough,  there is very little difficulty in painting what we see; but, even supposing that this difficulty be still great, I believe that the sight is a more important thing than the painting; and I would rather teach painting that my pupils may learn to love Nature, than teach the looking at Nature that they may learn to paint.”


2 thoughts on “John Ruskin

  1. enjoyed the neutral studies. In my fabric design classe the teacher suggested adding a bit of ‘brown’ to give a warm, aged, even antique-‘ish’ tone.
    And it bugs me to see blue skies painted straight out of the tube without the slightest neutral nuance. Life is hard when you’re snobby.

    1. I think you have an excellent point about coloring real life straight out of a tube. Neutrals rule, man. Finding the warm vs. cool in them is still hard for me sometimes. I had a “final” today – mixing 3 primaries to match the teacher’s black & white-made grey. Fun! I got a B. LOL.

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