getting wacky


My sisters have coined a very personal term: to “Marianne” something.

My mom did like to make stuff, and painted for 10-15 years at the end of her life, but often creations were on the fly – so her ideas were perhaps slightly off, or lacked money, time or practice. Like papering the outside entrance of the house with New Yorker magazine  covers. Or her classic: icing warm cakes and having them slide sideways.

So I wrote in this blog about having difficulty transitioning to a new art studio/classes. Then I made my move and re-entered my own home studio, ready to play and make things again.

I jumped on a pile of old CD’s and DVDs, ready to give them a new life.  I totally Marianned them.6BD35415-E8F5-4D61-8D07-73DA2A8FFBFC.jpeg

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