ok! I think this is it – but I’m going to check in daylight for the colors. I was way off, then mixed the color with a real person – put the paint on their skin (so nice to have a willing partner). So it looks “wrong” to me this evening, but also much better than the chalky colors I was mixing before. Whew!

It’s hard to get the camera to capture the color, too! So this is a whole second effort (see earlier posts) and I’m glad I did it.



I was i was hibernating, but I may be done, now, a few days before solstice. I think I was avoiding the pressure I put on myself with the holiday and with two gifts in particular. Gifts that I made. “Are they good enough to be gifts?” and “is this egotistical?” and “is this for attention?” Hence the avoidance and hibernation.

This needs more glazes and detail work anc corrections,  but I’m excited.


boot camp 2

More blind contour drawings, some gestural attempts, something called “modelled” drawing (attempts), and a pear sketch.


blind contour drawings, done on top of each other.


gestural drawings, again, just done on top of each other.



”modelled drawings” above


still . . .

hard work. I remembered my teacher’s advice: cheat!!! So I used a simple grid to get a better sense of proportions. These photos are about 30 minutes apart. Also, I changed my music to match the tastes of my subject: Joyce DiDonato singing Alcina by Handel.



working on a gift. it has a lot of weight/meaning behind it, so I notice the extra pressure to “get it right.” This is the fourth or fifth study on the same photo. Despite the pressure – this is a great photo that could make a lovely portrait. Excited to work on it.