At least . . .

I actually got paper painted today. Lowered standards, right? Just put the brush into hand and go.

2DA55D57-8E1D-46FC-B335-9FF22A4D5D87.jpegThen I returned to my ongoing project with the credit cards and photos. Gotta ask myself: am I done with this? Why do more?

F6E7A7DE-3FC6-43B7-BF6E-328286261767.jpegI’m actually bothered when these efforts start to look like my mother’s ideas and efforts.


I’ve been struggling for a while over the number of photos I have – from my family, leftovers that no one claimed from my parents. And I’ve been helping with my parents’ estate and finances.

So I had in my possession 22 old credit cards from my parents and photos from their retirement travels.

And so I’ve got what I think is a really fun project: