So . . . A few days ago I was trying out a 1.5 inch “decorators” brush. It holds a lot of paint, covers areas quickly.

That was sort of interesting, but I didn’t spend long painting that day. It was hot and we were in the midst of about 8 days of a terrible amount of smoke from 500+ BC wildfires. Feels like we’re doomed on the climate front. And I felt like I hadn’t had a good paint session.

But then I realized that my meager efforts that day had possibly been quite intuitive – tied to all that was going on. Which is amazing. Which is certainly one of the best outcomes for painting – to include what’s going on – to include me!

I took this orange painting that I did four weeks ago, and started to add different ideas and colors to it. I left it, then days later realized that I ended up creating a smokescreen over most of the painting – unintentionally but perhaps intuitively mimicking conditions outside that were so much on my mind. It’s not that the painting is wonderful by any means – it just came from what was important to me.




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