Week 2, day 2

2B4BD5BB-F048-49D9-9D00-97A6DFCDAFD0.jpegI played with setting up some limits to tonight’s practice: using shapes cut from three used palette papers, using only two colors and no blue. I find unity restful and have found that a single color washed over all the colors is unifying as is an action like splattering or sponging. I splattered like crazy on this one. and then I used blue!

Class #2

E43DEA91-9F64-4A73-A28A-7A01ED5969F50E2A6A2A-DDAD-4D18-9B7A-B25CC0ABBBF1While happily experimenting with brushes, paint behavior, strokes, colors, I am ending up imposing a “picture” on top of the chaos. I’ve been staring at abstract paintings when available (one at the funeral arrangement office today) and looking at the choices made. The first painting (above) was done in class and I was experimenting with using torn paper towel with Susan Faludi’s face. The second painting is “practice between classes” at home.


Day 4 Transgression


This (above) was the first stop.


This was the second stop.


Last stop for today


And this is the last chance to paint this week ‘coz we’re going to see whales. Then it’s week two of class on Saturday. Today I kept breaking what I was making. All the paintings above are the same painting/piece of paper. Good practice.